I rate snacks.

M&M Indiana Jones Promotional Mint Crisp Ms.
Well...what can I say? They are chocolate. They are mint. They have a cripsy middle. Wait, wha?Yeah, crispy middle. Wasn't too sure how I felt about that. But let me first address the more pressing issue at hand; what the Sweet Pepaw Harrison Ford does mint M&Ms have to do with Indiana Jones?!? I know that they are marketing this movie pretty aggressively, but mint? Huh? You couldn't just make a bag of Peanut M&Ms all yellow and call them Gold Nuggets or something? Was mint a popular flavour amongst the Nazis? Does mint remind Harrison Ford of the mouthwash he needs to use everyday or else his dentures will start a'stankin? I don't get it. And why the Green M&M on the package? They couldn't turn the Melting Nazi into a M&M character? Plus, will you take a look at the colours?!?Pastel green? Yeah, I guess that is what I immediately think of when I remember the Indiana Jones movies. Lots of sand and weapons and whips and hot sun and...lush green foliage? Oh dear. The good news is they actually taste pretty decent. Mint and chocolate is an obvious win-win, but that crunchy middle is a fresh reminder that M&Ms needs to start updating their stable of ponies. Plain and Peanut are getting pretty tired.
I would actually buy these again.

Candy Update! If any of you find an interesting candy or food product, please send it my way. I would love to try it and...uh...profile it on The Skip-Raid? Fuck the jokes, just like getting presents of candy. Peace!


El Capitano said...

Is it snack week? Holy Bejesus.

Also, you should consider hand modeling... no I'm just kidding.

The Mayor said...

Ahahaha - I was modeling my left hand too. The right is covered in horrific scars (no joke). So basically, I could do hand modeling for Freddy Kruger catalogues and such.

Anonymous said...

Green M&M's rep. the Peruvian rainforest that is featured in the film.

It also "happens" to tie in with Harrison Ford's campaign to raise awareness about global deforestization. He has his chest waxed for the current PSA "losing an acre"

Alice said...

Ughhhhh, I shudder at the thought of seeing Harrison Ford getting his old man chest waxed - I don't care what cause it's for. I watch a lot of TV though, so it's a safe bet it'll come on and I'll be forced to poke at my eyes to avoid seeing it.

Anonymous said...

Use your gross hand next time in the photo