New Summer Lineup!! Ginger Wednesdays!! Shrimp and White Wine!!

Hey Turds! Today is Wednesday, which can only mean one thing. Uh...um. Line?
Sorry, but years of standing behind my family's Buick, slowly and methodically inhaling the exhaust, have completely killed my short-term memory. Also, I just pooped my pants. Zach Galifianakis.
Moving on. What was that about the summer lineup? Well, let me give you a heads up that this summer you won't be getting your daily dose of Skip-Raid. In fact, you will be getting about 2 posts a wee. Why? Let me give you the long and short of it; people are not around in the summer, and if I write a post every day I will go crazy. And if you want to read a post everyday, you need to stop, cause summer is the time for you to get outside and ride bikes and run and eat popsicles and sit on the grass. So anyways, please expect that from now until September 1/08, posts are gonna be pretty skimpy. Except for dirtygingers.com; I plan on updating that once a week still.

Speaking of which...
Click here to read about this week's Ginger!

And what was that about Shrimp and White Wine? Needless to say I bought Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job Season 1 this weekend and I have been watching it constantly. I will only take a break to watch Law & Order: SVU and America's Next Top Model.
For your health!

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Jenn L said...

ah what about people who work everyday during the summer?

what are we supposed to do?

what are you unemployed now!