Stop...Boner Time.

Click to make big. Don't act like you don't want to, you pervert!

This picture could have a celebate running for a whorehouse. Holy shit, the only person who wouldn't find this hot is a blind person or someone with a clinical fear of stone foxes (I think it's called Bonerphobia). If someone were to look at my dating rap sheet, they would see a string of scrawny art dudes, so I am serious when I say I have a 'type', and that this isn't it (Editor's Note: please see past Stop...Boner Time subjects). But sweet baby Jesus in a manger, Hugh Jackman is walking sex. Normally he isn't this burly and hairy and drippy and such, but he is shooting the Wolverine movie right now. Ps: now is a good time to talk about how good the Wolverine movie will be.
Normally, he looks a little more like this:Even when he is playing skinny Hugh Jackman in The Boy from Oz on Broadway, he is still effing hot.

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