Fuck You, Entertainment Weekly: The Top 100 List for the Rest of Us - 31-40

31. Gummo (1997)
Whenever someone asks me to describe Gummo, I am apt to call it redneck-Kids. I guess it sort-of is, eh? Anyways, I don’t know why I like this film so much, but it is really something. Very creepy, but very funny. Also my personal hero, Chloe Sevigny, is in it.
On EWs List? NO

32. Clueless (1995)
People who don’t like Clueless are bizarre. With that being said, I met a bunch of new people last week, and when they left, I said “Nice to meet you, hope it’s not sporadically!” which is the easiest way to let people know ‘I’m good people’.
On EWs List? YES

33. Donnie Darko (2001)
Ugh, I hate that this makes me sound like a total perv, but my favourite scene is when Donnie’s little sister does the dance to Notorious in slow motion. I AM NOT A CREEP! It’s just really cool. I wish I did a dance routine to Notorious, but mine were more upbeat and lame. We did the Pointer Sisters (Jump!) and Ghostbusters, which was sort-of cool, but we were in ballet clothes and not dressed like ghosts, so it ruined it. Also, I couldn’t help but think “Peter Venkman would never dance like this”.
On EWs List? NO

34. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
I don’t need to explain why this film is on the list, although I did have quite a time deciding which was more deserving on this list: Eternal Sunshine or Being John Malkovitch. Ultimate showdown! Spike Jonze vs. Michel Gondry! Two men enter, one man leaves. Who run Bartertown? Master Blaster run Bartertown!
Wait, what was I talking about?
On EWs List? YES

35. Edward Scissorhands (1990)
When did Anthony Michael Hall get so hot?
On EWs List? YES

36. Grizzly Man (2005)
This movie is a great combination of ‘tragic’ and ‘come on dude, they are bears. You’re asking for it’.
On EWs List? NO

37. Groundhog Day (1993)
When I was 10, I wished that I would wake up one morning and get to repeat the day before because I was 10 and totally hated life. I mean, The sad thing is, it’s 14 years later and I STILL HATE LIFE (so goth).
On EWs List? NO

38. Dirty Work (1998)
I wish I could move to Utah and marry Bob Saget and Norm McDonald. This is such a terribly underrated comedy. I promise you, you will be quoting it like crazy once you watch it. You won’t be disappointed.
On EWs List? NO

39. Office Space (1999)
Don’t make me explain this one. The only sad thing is that Jocks and Frats have sort of stolen this movie from us. SAD! It was ours, jackasses! Now would be a great time to mention that when I started working in an office my Mom bought me an Office Space calendar for my cubicle. Horrible, horrible irony.
On EWs List? YES

40. Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)
Interviewer: Name and spell all the United States in alphabetical order.
Amber: Seriously? Okay. Alabama - Eh-elle-eh-bee-eh-im-eh. Alaska – Eh-elle-eh-iss-kay-eh.
On EWs List? NO

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