Ask The Mayor

You know it's a shit start to the week when I post a LOLcats picture. This one is pretty cute though, so just deal with it. That poor kitty - balls cut off. Anyways, it is still summer for two more weeks (wow, that was so depressing) which means very lazy posting till September 5th. And trust, once September 5th hits, all your dreams will come true. There is a lot planned for the Fall season including (but not limited to) a kickass giveaway. Trust, you will shit your pants when you read it. I already passed it by my Moms and even she thinks it is a pretty fun idea (albeit a weird one). But for now, let's get to know eachother better, shall we? And by get to know eachother, I mean of course you can ask me questions about myself. You may recall I used to write an advice column back in the day, so I am basically an expert in the field of answering emails. Send all your questions to skipraid@gmail.com and don't worry about me sending your email addresses to mailing lists and stuff - everything will be anonymized (is that the word I am looking for?) so go ahead and sign it with a nickname. Jimminy Jagoff, or Skip Slutbag. Whatever, I won't judge.
No question will be ignored or unanswered, and the funnier the better. Better yet, go ahead and down a bag of shrooms at your computer and write me whatever you want. Just make sure to end it with a question mark so it qualifies as a question. But I am sure you are thinking "what is the fucking point?" Well, you asshat, my favourite question will win a prize. You hear me? I will mail you an amazing prize (and trust - it will BLOW YOUR MIND).

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Jenn L said...

man i needs a question!!!