Allison from A&E Intervention; the best addict ever?

I really need to preface this post with a bit of a warning. Obviously, I am going to rip into an addict from A&E's hit show Intervention, but that doesn't mean I don't have sympathy for those with addiction problems. I myself live with mental illness, and guess what? I'm not a whiny baby about it. You know how people argue that the more you say the N word or the C word, it starts to take all of its power away? I feel the same way about mental illness. The more you talk about it and joke about it and realize that everyone from Appalachia to LA knows someone with mental illness (or has it themselves) then it takes away all the stigma. I can't claim this as an original idea; this is all coming courtesy of my hero Sarah Silverman. So what point am I making? Oh yeah - when you start reading about me making fun of a girl who is addicted to huffing computer duster, don't turn it around on me and call me an insensitive jerk who lives in an ivory tower (or however haters will spin it). Okay? Okay. On to Huff the Magic Dragon!

So that you know what I am talking about, please watch Part 1 of the 5-part episode. In it, we are introduced to a girl named Allison who is a pre-med student and a great personality. A few interviewees are her mother, her half-sister, and her younger sister (whom she is quite close with). And obviously, Allison has a television-worthy problem; you know those aerosol cans of computer duster that clean all the chip crumbs and hair out of your keyboard? Yep, she huffs them! It's like whippits, except more sad (is that even possible?!?!)

It's really sad...but also (god damn, I do feel bad about saying this) funny? Like, the girl is addicted to computer duster! Of all the weird shit to get addicted to, computer duster?!? I can't say I have ever tried it (don't knock it till you try it, I know I know) but honestly, how do you get addicted to something like that? It's pretty bizarre. No more bizarre than the weird shit Allison says when she's high. There are a few typical ones like "I feel like I could take on the world" or "we're going on a drug run - hooray!" but the best, by far, is when Allison describes being high as feeling like she's walking on sunshine. Which of course leads us to this next video. Please enjoy this fantastic clip (this is definitely the forerunner for my Best Of 2008 series).

I know! Its so wrong, yet so right! Christ himself couldn't have made a better parody video! This next one might be a little bit cryptic, but I think that the joke is subtle and charming.

And then we have this woman's Pug doing an impression of Allison (naturally).

Is Allison the best Intervention subject to date? Have any of you ever done Whippits or huffed Computer Duster? Can we only imagine what Allison is huffing now? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


tylerface said...

What about the part when she says:
"I go through.... convulsions."?

She says it like: conFULshunz. I can't tell you how many times I rewound that part. Joy!

You are right. Clearly the best episode of Intervention yet. Even better is the fact that she actually got help!


The Mayor said...

I know!! Allison is the only person (recently) that i have really been cheering for! Typically, I watch Intervention and I am just like "yeah, whatever, they will get over this..." but with Allison I was like "sweet baby christ, help Allison accept the help presented to her today!!!"

Also, I wish they would do a follow-up with Allison so bad! I wonder what she thinks of the Walking on Sunshine parodies?

Marina said...

WOW. I totally thought that that was just a joke, and not a real episode...thats pretty.... I don't even know what to say actually.

Anonymous said...

Allison is the best episode to date. The best part is where the police are knocking on her bedroom door and she says "It’s the Po Po". I fell off my couch laughing.

Tiffany said...

I did think that this was funny, but it didnt make me not feel bad for her, that is a lot of shit to go through, I dunno but ive watched this episode almost 4 times already and I would love to be Allisons friend shes hilairious and she a lot funner when shes on drugs, dunno dunno, but she does need to dye her hair back brown


The Mayor said...

I know - it is terrible, because she looks like she is a lot of fun. I really need to do some research and find out what she is up to now!! (Please don't let it be huffing, please don't let it be huffing...)

The Mayor said...
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Lucy said...

I love you for having this blog about Allison.

kimberlysue said...

that's my sister's pug/video! haha, that's crazy. allison was the BEST addict ever. i wish she had a father...

Anonymous said...

Alright I was looking for a way to reach Allison. To say I was proud of her, and came across this site. At first I was mad at someone making fun of her (I think a normal reaction no?).

See I used to work at a pizza place called Checkers in Portsmouth RI where they (her+her family) lived, and they were somewhat regular customers. I delivered them plenty of pizzas, and the young sister is very easy to recognize. So since I'd see her all over and delivered to them. I guess I made it a little personal.

I still feel that way and wish them all the best (well maybe except that stupid mom who feels all empowered by her "tough love lesson" and needs to realize that simply changing directions 180 degrees, and going full steam ahead doesn't make a damn bit of sense either, it does however make you look like a heartless BITCH! you dumbass!!!)

That being said

OMFG that "Walking On Sunshine" video the most hilarious thing I have ever frickin seen. I love, love, love that Katrina and the Waves song. Always have since the 80's (born in '72), and always will. But to see this on here w/ people from my home island (Aquidneck) right here in Little Rhody in that parody to THAT song OMG!!!

I mean to see all that, and having been all those places in Newport they showed, and knowing her. THEN seeing that JUST now and how I feel. WOW that killed me, and I CANNOT WAIT to show it to my best friend.


Thank you so much for your site. I you've ever just wanted to touch someone (something?) in a special way guy, ya did it tonight. HILARIOUS man HILARIOUS).

Thanks again man, thanks. :)

drollgirl said...

oh i am so sad that i can't see these videos. how am i not watching this show?!?!? HUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON!

when i was in high school two losers sat behind me on the bus (yes, i was a loser, too) and they sniffed nail polish. ten bucks says those two gents are dead or in prison now (20 years later).

p.s. i used to be addicted to excedrin. that stuff got me hopped up and was HORRID to quit. yes, i realize how STOOOPID that sounds/reads, but whaddya gonna do (but make fun of me)! :]

Anonymous said...

She huffs and puffs

I am addicted to computer duster. I need help and don't know what to do. I am constantly thinking about the next time I can inhale this stuff. I wish that I had never found out about it. You know why I do it? Maybe it's because I was raped by my uncle or I have been a punching bag to my ex-husband. Who knows? All I know is, is this stuff makes it so life is better. I keep praying for the courage to be able to pass it up in the store. And, yes, you do go through convulsions. It has also damaged my heart and I now have a pacemaker. I have chemical burns all over my face. This stuff is very addicting.