ANTM / Cycle 11 / Episode 4

Well, this week we dropped quite a bit of dead weight. Hannah the Grand Wizard was sent packing back to Alaska / Sarah Palin-ville, and I for one could not be happier; her schtick was wearing a little thin. All in all, this episode was such a time filler for me - am I wrong here?? It was terrible! I felt like Tyra pulled this week's episode out of her fat ass and slapped it on a catwalk. So let's get through this, nice and fast (like the bowel movement I need to take. Give me a break, I had a shady Caesar at dinner. You know when the Clamato tastes off? Yeah. No good for your lower intestine).

This week's Mayor's Favourite Tyra Moment is definitely when Tyra talked about her vacation with her friend and how all they do is take modelly pictures. Christ, Tyra, how old are you? 13? Get a life!

This week's MWIATFU is...
"I'm thinking I'm lying on a bed. With you Nigel. And I'm doing you from behind, prison style. Don't drop the soap, baby."

And who's out the door?

Isis aka Iz-iz
HELL TO THE NO, BOBBY B!!! I picked Isis in the office pool! Fuck! I'm out $10! FUCK YOU TYRA!!! Not since Cycle 10s Marvita have I been so angry that such an exquisite ghetto hood rat is going home. Ugh, I need some Taco Bell to calm me down.

...and the rest.

She looks like she's being felt-up by my hair, circa 1998. My love affair with Elina has come to an end; she bores me (I sound like a spoiled 1700s aristocrat).

Her shot was so Rachael from Blade Runner. She is my prediction for elimination next week. Better pack up your skating costumes now, Anal-y! (God, don't listen to me. I predicted that Isis was gonna win this, and now I'm out $10)

Who doesn't know how to swim?

Lauren Brie
For being a complete tard, her shots are good. I just can't get behind the Poor Man's Caridee.

Ugh, WHEN WILL YOU GET SENT HOME? Marjorie is the worst!

Blarg. Just blarg.

I want Samantha's hair on my wedding day. I also want Samantha to take her Brooke Hogan-ass back to Laguna.

For being a total hood rat, there is a class and sophistication about Sheena. I could see her dating Ice T.

The strays get into a dogfight with Marjorie about her awkwardness, and I don't blame them. If Cycle 9s Heather has Aspergers, then Marjorie defs has Assbugers.

Did I miss anything? Leave it in the comments! I want to hear from you - was I the only one who slept through this episode?

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alice said...

Dude it was totally boring. When it was over I was wondering if there was anything at all interesting to discuss...all I came up with was that bitchy fashion designer - he was so pissed at Samantha. I love him.

I actually found myself missing Tyra's crazy skits (bowling alley walkway? What the hell's next - have them do a fashion show at a Gas'n'Sip?)

Next week...the girls run screaming from a guy in a lame horror movie monster suit. Wow.