The Mayor will draw shit for you.

Remember way back when I was giving away tampons and drawer-ings? Yeah, all the way to 2 weeks ago (for those of you who don't stare into the microwave when it is cooking, you should be able to do this easily). Anyways, I have decided to offer this drawing give-a-way as a regular thing. That's right - you send me your address, I send you a gorgeous, quality piece of art. Just like this exquisite illustration of a Something Terrible for the Environment (obviously I translated that to a Commie-Nazi and Jesus)This reader asked for Something Cool, so I drew Tyra Banks' ginormous forehead.Or this picture of a reader's very obese cat.It's totally free and I swear I won't give your address to squatters so they can crash at your pad and turn it into a piss-stained flophouse.

Send your idea and your mailing address to skipraid@gmail.com and before you know it, you could have a 3x5 picture of Christ punching a fish.

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