My Newest Obsession: Brandon Jenner

Who would have thought that my post on Brody Jenner last week would be the thing to divide us all? My god, you guys have some very specific feelings on the hotness/douchness that is the Prince of Malibu. But out of all your emails and comments, the best came from my sister, who sent me a picture of Brody's older brother Brandon. There is only one word to describe Brandon:
Nothing matches the exquisite class and beauty of this 27-year-old Malibu no-shirt enthusiast. I would be lying if I said I haven't been Googling him all afternoon (give me a break - it's rainy outside and I haven't showered. What else would I be doing?)
Here is what we know about him so far:
- His birthday is June 4th (he's a Gemini!)
- He is the older brother of mega-hottie/major asshat Brody Jenner
- He's in a band called Big Dume (don't bother clicking that. I checked out their Myspace and they suck.
- He...uh...lives in Malibu?
Yeah, there's not much else out there. Maybe he is fiercely private, or maybe people just give less of a shit about him when Brody is around. All I know is Brandon Jenner is my newest obsession.

Again, please tell me: would you hit it?


Alice said...

He kind of looks like the hot 23 year old math teacher I had in grade 12, so yeah, I'd hit that.

deadeye-davi / uncle jesse said...

he puts me in mind of Matthew Fox.

alex davey illustrations said...

I thinks he is private which is so hot. You could tell on episodes of Princes of Mailbu he was already over it.
Being an attention whore on a show geared to 14 year olds? Laaaaaaaame.

The Mayor said...

Yes, sort of like Matthew Fox, but mostly like a beefed up version of Brody jenner