Stop...Boner Time?

I need to come right out and say this: I do not, nor have I ever, had an attraction to douchebags. I never wanted to date a football player in High School and I am not impressed by nice cars or joo-rey. However, my life has gone a little pear-shaped as of late, and I find that I am very confused about a few things. I often find myself thinking maybe being unemployed is a dealbreaker, but what about probation? I think I should start dating guys who haven't ever been on dateline NBC.
So when a reader sent me this picture of Brody Jenner being his usual douchebag self and the following conversation transpired, I was shocked to say the least:

You Wish: I don't know what struck me more, the Chuck Norris wannabe stance, the "blue steel" look, the hearts & skulls or the ultra low rise butt cheek look? Laughed my ass off.
The Mayor: I won't lie - brody jenner is a tool shed, but I would totally hit that.

Did you just read that?!?! I am not lying! I would totally hit that! What is happening to me?!?! First I find a cut-out of Brody Jenner hot, next thing you know I will be listening to Nickleback and attending Auto Shows and going for dinner at The Outback.

So I guess my question is...is Brody Jenner hot?


Prom King said...

Face it, the best thing that came outta "The Hills" was Audrina's boobs all over the internet.

In an unrelated incident, masturbation levels amongst boys 16-18 rose 38% that same week.

But as far as Jenner goes, I'd say "hit it and quit it".

Christella M said...

fuck no.
he's too douchey

Jack Gordon said...

Brody Jenner is not hot, but the Outback can be totally delicious.

Call me Nay said...

I would hit that, but in a more obvious "cause physical damage" way. Nothing kinky.

deadeye-davi / uncle jesse said...

Brody Jenner is apallingly hot! Sometimes the douchiness enhances the hotness.

alex davey illustrations said...

No no no no....BRANDON JENNER is the hottest.
So. Fucking. Hot.

alice said...

I'll say hot...but only with three condoms on. I think he's been with Paris Hilton.