Toonces Tuesday!

Typically, Tuesday have been a very slow day for us here at The Skip-Raid, and today is no exception. Last night I went out for Chinese Food with a few friends, and I won't lie - my stomach can barely handle chicken-fried rice. At one point in time I took a bite of sweet and sour pork and had to spit it into my napkin. At the table. And then I had to hide the napkin at my feet so no one would notice. Anyways, I am paying for it today. Ugh, a solid BM seems so far away. I would give anything for an Immodium drip right now. Anyways, what am I getting at again? Ah yes, I was talking about Tuesdays!

Every Tuesday from here on out (well, for a month I guess) I will be featuring Toonces, the Cat who could drive a car. Toonces was an amazing cat from SNL who knew how to drive a car. Sadly, every sketch usually ended with Toonces getting distracted driving off a cliff. Anyways, enjoy the above clip. Bask in Toonces badass-ness as he drag races to his death.

Wow, I have just given up, haven't I? Give me a break - I spent all weekend drawing pictures for everyone who asked for o.b. tampons. I never want to look at another tampon again (eww, that's an image you don't need).


deadeye-davi / uncle jesse said...

Please don't give up on tampons! You can make so many fun crafts with them! Google it!

The Mayor said...

I won't give up, but honestly? This weekend just about killed me. Too Many Tampons (that sounds like a wacky caper movie from the 70s)