Happy (almost) Hurrloween!

Whenever I say Hurrloween instead of Halloween, I almost always think of John O'Hurley which then leads me to thinking about J. Peterman.But moving on. I need your help, puffins! Halloween is but 1 week away (which is also the day I am supposed to move out of my house and into my new one, so that will be a big ball of nerves). I still don't have a costume yet. I have given people lots of great ideas, and yet I don't have one for myself. If you recall, last year you (the people...and spam robots) voted on my costume. You picked Amy Winehouse; a costume I was never meant to be as I had to work both the Friday and Saturday nights at my bartending job. It goes without saying that shortly after Halloween I quit that bitch.

Anyways, I need your help again. I would go as Amy Winehouse again this year, but in order to do so I would have to smoke a shitload of rocks and sniff the fumes from about 8 tubes of model airplane glue, and I just don't have the time. Also, I lent my Amy Winehouse wig to my friend Annie, who is going as Pocahontas.

So here are my ideas - please leave your votes for the one you like best in the comments. I am in surrious troubs, people! If I don't pick a good costume, I will just end up going as Myself, which involves snuggling kittycats, wearing sweatpants, eating whole containers of Duncan Hines cake frosting, crying, more crying, and not removing the makeup from around my eyes before I go to bed.

Idea 1: Allison from Intervention
Supplies needed: dyeing my hair black, glasses, normal clothes (jeans, t-shirt, army coat)...oh yeah, and a shitload of computer duster cans.
- I am sort-of leaning towards this one, as it will be super easy to do and those who 'get it' will really enjoy it. Otherwise, I run the risk of looking like my dumpy-ass self getting ready to clean people's keyboards.

Idea 2: Sarah Silverman
Supplies needed: wearing a shirt that says I'm fucking Matt Damon is way too obvious, so I would probably go with the ever classic Cookie Party shirt. Cargos (natch) and dying my hair black and drinking everything from a bottle of Nyquil (wait...this sounds like the Allison costume...)
- I sort of really want to do this one because Sarah Silverman is my hero.

Idea 3: Kat Von D
Supplies needed: black hair (now might be a good time to mention that this won't be easy. I have platinum-blonde hair and would have to dye it with Manic Panic or something that will wash out really quickly afterwards. Quick Tip! If you need to get rid of hair dye in your hair, wash it with Head-n-Shoulders. Thanks Lauren from Montreal! You'll get getting a free t-shirt in the mail). Also needed - black leather-looking leggings (American Apparel, obvs) lots of drawn-on tattoos, and a paunchy-ass stomach.
- this could be cool, but then again, you will get a lot of tards going "what's that again? The Inking show? You're the girl from the Inking show...what's it called again....Inked? It's Inked, right?" and I honestly cannot handle that much stupidity in one night.

Idea 4: Betty Draper from Mad Men
Supplies needed: 60s dress, a headband, being ultra-neurotic.
- I think I can pull this one off in a pinch. I have the hair and the clothing. I sort of could also do Joan Holloway because I have big chichis.

Idea 6: Canary Yellow from Rainbow Brite
Supplies needed: basically everything from American Apparel.
- I was obsessed with Rainbow Brite when I was little and I would totally love to do this. I have the same hair and love leggings. Are these enough reasons to warrant a costume choice?


Alice said...

You should go as J. Peterman. That would be awsome.
I'm going as Daryl Hannah in Kill Bill - the evil nurse version. (Cause I already have a cute nurse outfit, but on its own it's a little too generic)

The Mayor said...

J. Peterman is always a winning costume.

Marina said...

Either Alison from Intervention, or Canary Yellow.

Jack Gordon said...

Betty Draper. In the alternative, "Polygamist Wife". Dunno if that made all the news in Canada, but down here that would be hilarious.

Christella M said...

ALLISSION~!!!!!! You could be walking on sunshine! How could you say NO to walking on sunshine?

If you don't want to dye your hair black you can be creepy post-rehab allison! *shakes*

Anonymous said...

NO to all of the above except Betty Draper...that might work.

I think you should be JOY from "My name is Earl".....PERFECT!

The Mayor said...

You have no idea how much I look like Joy in real life.

Jules said...

hahaha, i'm totally voting for canary yellow. I never was into it much, but my sis was, and my fav color @ that time in my life was yellow.

deadeye-davi / uncle jesse said...

Lordy, Honey-Child! I vote sarah Silverman or Joy from MNIE.

annie said...

new idea!! get the same dress that i got from american apparel, and then get a bright coloured wig and pain a jewel on your stomach..voila a TROLL!!!!!

SNLifer said...

How about "Miss Colleen" (Molly Shannon)from SNL. She hosted the Dog Show with Mr. Bojangles or a "Gemini Twin" rapper.

Anonymous said...

Crazy cat lady!!