Do, Date, or Dump: 30 Rock edition!

That's right! Due to popular demand, I'm Do-ing, Date-ing, and Dumping the cast of 30 Rock. And, in honour of 30 Rock (and Judah Friedlander) we'll be playing Marry , Boff, Kill. I urge you to watch the opening credits just to get you all amped for this (the song has been playing in my head the whole time I was writing this).

But the big question is...do I DD or D their characters or the actors portraying them? Let's just do characters, k? For now it's easier (and I am a simpleton). Let's go!

Liz Lemon
Marry, Boff, Kill? You all know how I feel about Tina Fey (the best!) but what about Liz Lemon? Well, she's basically Fey which means...Marry! Tina Fey is one of 3 very select ladies I would switch teams for. As I said to my best friend one time "I don't think I could do the sexy stuff, but I will sure as hell be the best damn wife she's ever had". (I'm sure you are wondering who the other two are, and the answer is, very obviously, Amy Sedaris and Myself. I am irresistable).

Jack Donaghy
Marry, Boff, Kill? Boff, for sure! I love Jack Donaghy, but I don't think I would want to marry him. Why? Too much drama; I don't want Bianca kidnapping me in exchange for the Arbys in Telluride.

Tracy Jordan
Marry, Boff, Kill? This was a tough one, but I am going to say Boff and not Marry. I can handle a lot of crazy, but I can't handle that much crazy.

Marry, Boff, Kill? Ugh, Kill. I don't like Kenneth's character. Sorry! But you had to hear it.

Jenna Maroney
Marry, Boff, Kill? KILL! I really do not like Jane Krakowski, and she is ruining the show. She poisoned Ally McBeal and now she's poisoning 30 Rock. Everything the woman touches turns to pink fluffy shit.

Marry, Boff, Kill? Marry! Love him.

Marry, Boff, Kill? Well, since it is my dream (dream!) to marry Judah Friedlander, then I will obviously choose to Marry Frank, too. Ugh, he's so dreamy!!!

Marry, Boff, Kill? Uh....hmm...Boff, I guess. Ew, did I just say I would have sex with balding Pete? Yep, can't take it back now.

Marry, Boff, Kill? Her character is so annoying, so definitely Kill.

Grizz and Dot Com
Marry, Boff, Kill? Move to Utah and Marry them both.


deadeye-davi / uncle jesse said...

Why no Twofer? He is crazy hot!

The Mayor said...

Ugh, I totally forgot! I realize now that there are a few sub-characters I should have included. Yeah, Twofer - Boff for sure.