Free Christmas Cards are Back!!!

That's right, friends and farts, The Skip-Raid's Christmas Cards have returned! There are only 37 days till Annual Gift-Giving Man will break into your house and eat your food. And what better way to surprise a loved one (or your worst enemy) than with a personalized card from The Mayor? But that's a shitty present, you say? Yeah, so are DVDs and scarves, but you guys keep giving me that shit year after year. Now, I haven't decided on the design yet - but I would love your suggestions for what to draw! Here is what you need to know about the cards this year:
- You will get a card with an adorable/offensive/TV-related image like the one above. This one was drawn for Gillian in San Fransisco who wanted a picture of cats eating tacos (naturally).

- Last year you got to pick what you wanted on the card. Thanks to all the tremendous interest last year, everyone got a great card, but the downside of this is that I have to make a million different cards. So this year, there will be one standard design; you just get to pick your message.

- I will have a choice between a Christmas card, a Hannukah card, and a Festivus card. Please specify which you would like.

- Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery as the card will be coming from Canada. This year I can promise you will receive your card at least 2 weeks before Christmas (last year some of you were the recipients of Ukranian Christmas cards...ie. in the middle of January).

- Just like last year, the cards are 100% free (you don't even pay for the postage) but you have to promise me that you will donate money or your time to something meaningful. That doesn't mean tipping Cinnamin an extra dollar at the strip-club; it means helping someone out who might really need it. Capeishe?

To get a great Holiday card in the mail FOR FREE simply send your name, your mailing address, what card you want (Christmas, Hannukah, Festivus) and the message for the inside (Enjoy 8 Days of Shitty Gifts Izzy, See You at the Annual Feats of Strength, Merry Christmas Cinnamin) to skipraid@gmail.com. I look forward to sending this shit out, and please leave your submissions in the comments (or email them if you are shy).


Girl said...

I'm having the cat/taco and nom nom cards framed. Yes, I like them THAT much!


The Mayor said...

taco cats are in the running for the christmas card

ThomG said...

I really liked the little drummer boy jamming with Jesus. Classy.

biotics said...

i would like a card, much like the hills birthday card you made for me two birthdays ago! christmas please!