I fell down the stairs this week.

It pretty much went down like this:

UPDATE!! Okay, so shortly after I posted this story about how I fell my ass down my stairs, I get an email in my inbox from this guy who is all "I think you should be made aware of these anti-slip thingamajiggs". I knew it! I knew that there was at least one of you out there who has a valued interest in my safety, and who doesn't wish me the worst! Validation, she is so sweet. Anyways, my eyes have been opened to the powerful healing properties of Stair Nosing. I know, right? You're like "wtf is this shit?"

Stair Nosing is an anti-slip edging solution intended to raise safety factors on staircases. This is something that could have been brought to my attention much sooner than after my fall, but whatever. You're not Sylvia Browne (hells, even Sylvia Browne isn't Sylvia Browne). Anyways, Jesus has opened my eyes and introduced my dumb ass to safety. First I'll tackle the stairs, then it's on to taking my radio off the edge of my bathtub and eliminating the need to fish stuck bagels out of the toaster with a fork. Go me!


Shaun R. said...

This clip should get married to the one you posted. They were made for each other.


Anonymous said...
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red rain said...
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