Lazy-ass Linkday

Oh, come on - you knew it was coming. Just sit back and enjoy all the fantastic things I found this week*

How the Republicans Will Solve Their Problems (Holy Taco)

Upload a jpg of your ugly mug and put it on someone else. I am partial to the Sikh Warrior one (Face in Hole)

The English translation of one of my favourite Halloween-themed Têtes à claques. My mom loves this one (Têtes à claques)

SNL Digital Short: Ras Trent. I have watched this so much since it aired 2 weeks ago (SNL/NBC)

Night School Musical (SNL/NBC)

The annual College Humor Halloween Costume Contest. Sadly, this year my sister is not in it (College Humor)

A live feed of adorable puppies (I dunno...some weirdo's website in North Dakota?)

A video of Sherri Sheppard from The View that will melt your cold icy heart (Jezebel)

*most were found by readers (in particular, Marina from Sudbury, Ontario. She also just had a baby and still has time to send me amazing links. What did you do for me this week? What? Exactly).


deadeyedavi / uncle jesse said...

Girl, why no cake farts!?

www.cakefarts.com ¡NSFW!

It has SISTER SITES too!

Marina said...

Hahah Sault Ste. Marie is where I`m from.

Jenn L said...

yo antm is apparently on thursdays now!!! it was on last night at 9. what is the deal A channel!!!