The Mighty Boosh, where have you been all my life??

Leave it to my 17-year-old cousin who lives in the boonies to introduce me to The Mighty Boosh. I wish I had a better post today, but I am sick again. Yeah, I know, right? I spoke to my moms and she said I wouldn't get so sick if I had a better diet; what's wrong with a diet that consists mainly of yogurt and Diet Coke? I know, makes no sense. Anyways, I am recovering in a pair of sweat pants with a Diet Coke by my side, embracing the sparkling joy of Old Greg. Please watch and tell me this is the best thing you have ever seen. Happy Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

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The Prom King said...

Is it just me or does that fish sound like Cleavland? (You know, the oft-hilarious token black guy from the world's most overrated hit comedy series Family Guy)