Oh mah gawd, y'all! Did you watch For The Record last night?!?!?!

Okay, so I don't know where you were last night at 10pm, but I can tell you that I was sitting on my couch in my sweatty p's watching the amazingness that was Brit-Brit discussin' her life. And yes, she did drop all the Gs from her words; she has Sarah Palin syndrome (aka White Trash Speakin' Syndrome). So yeah, you best watch the video above before it gets taken down, but here are the revelations from last night (No question went unanswered!!! Well, so says the title card at the beginning. I am so sure the shit was edited out of it).

- Brit-Brit is sad, y'all! Like, really sad! She can't go to the grocery store with her babies!

- Brit-Brit doesn't understand why after she broke up with K-Fed she didn't move back to Louisiana. Why, y'all? Why didn't I do that, y'all?

- The most important things in Brit-Brit's life are her "two jewels" (her babies) and singin' music and dancin'.

- She actually looked really healthy and put together during the interview (I know...gasp! Her weave even looked decent).

- Brit-Brit doesn't think she's a very cool chick anymore. Ugh, who calls themselves a 'cool chick', anyways??

- Britney looked really happy when she was dancing in the studio. Like, really happy. You can hate her all you want, but you have to admit that homegirl can move.

- Brit-Brit did a great impression of her Papa on the Womanizer shoot. We sometimes forget that Britney is pretty funny.

- When asked about shaving her head, Brit-Brit said "lots of people shave their heads". Ummm, yes, and it's usually to raise money for cancer.

- Madonna makes a quick appearance, and she speaks without her fake-ass British accent. Where'd it go??

And that's about it. Brit-Brit just reiterated the fact that she is on her medemacashun and that she ain't got the crazy jitters no more. They never ask about Sam Lufti or Adnan Ghalib, which is what I wanted to hear about. They also never asked what drugs she has done. Well! That's what I always ask new friends!

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<3 Brit forevers y'all!