Super Sad Day

One of my personal heroes, Bettie Page, died yesterday in Los Angeles after suffering from a heart attack. Obviously it was bound to happen - the woman was 85 - but it still makes you super sad. In case you've been living under a rock (or wasn't as into Rockabilly as I once was) Bettie was a men's magazine and fetish model in the 50s, and was one of the earliest Playboy models. But the best thing about Bettie is that she quit that bitch in the 60s so that she could remain mysterious. Also to become a Baptist missionary, but that's a part I like to omit.

Anyways, Bettie was a class act and now she's up in heaven stripping for Jesus. RIP.


emily said...

very sad. at least her bangs will live on the foreheads of others forever.

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