Today is a dark-ass day.

I was not ready for this day to come. I had convinced myself that nothing was going to change, and that I would just keep on truckin'. I was wrong. Today is the real Black Monday. Everybodies favourite PUPPIES have gone from 6 to 3. That's right, 3 baby Shibas went to their new owners (aka Killjoys) and we now only have 3 left. We will no longer get to see Ando, Autumn and Akoni eat poop, sleep in a pile, play with their carrot, or sniff bumbums. I really don't think I can handle the day that Ayumi, Amaya, and Aki pounce off to happy homes (although rumour has it that Mumma and Poppa Shiba will be keeping Ayumi).

Shiiiiiiba Inus, I know this world is killing you.
Oh, Shiiiba Inus, my aim is true.


my little shiba said...

Did you see the goodbye videos? sigh...:(

Mr. & Mrs. SF Shiba are keeping Ayumi and are making a calendar AND their own website!!!!

The Mayor said...

I knew they would keep Ayumi!!!! She is the cutest anyways!!! I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT FOR THAT CALENDAR!