Year End Review: Talking Pictures

Welcome back, friends! I trust you all had a good Christmas/Hannukah? I certainly did; I am not kidding when I say that I think I ingested about 4000 calories every day of the holidays. Anyways, it's time for the rest of the 2008 roundup! Now, unless you've been living under a rock, you know by now that The Curious Case of Oscar Bait has been placed high atop many a film critic's Best-Of lists. Not mine. Why? Because I chose to see Marley and Me instead. Was it worth it? Yes, actually - it wasn't tragically cheesy (in fact, it was quite charming). So my countdown to the best films of 2008 will be a little more sparse than most film critics. Can you blame me? How am I supposed to do a review of Man on Wire when I went to see Sex Drive instead? Exactly. So here it is, my...

8. The Dark Knight
I know, pretty obvious choice. However, I need to stress this – I hated (HATED) Batman Begins. I hated Christian Bale, I hated Michael Caine. I hated Katie Holmes. I hated sitting in the Fairview Mall Rainbow Cinema for 2 hours watching that steaming pile. I hated that stupid Batmobile. The Sandman was a gay villain, I hated him too. But I really loved The Dark Knight. I thought it was terrific. It definitely made up for the end of Batman Begins, when I stood up in the theatre and yelled “lame!” and stormed up to the box office, demanding my $9 back.

And for the 10 or so people who still haven’t seen The Dark Knight? Oh yeah, Heath Ledger is as good as everyone says he is.

7. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Why is FSM on this list? Two reasons:
1. Russell Brand
2) Vampire Puppet Rock Opera

6. Pineapple Express
I really hope that fame doesn’t go to Seth Rogen’s head, because he is too good for that shit. Moving on, though, my favourite part about Pineapple Express was, by far, their friend Red.

5. Be Kind Rewind
Ugh, nobody liked this movie!! I have no idea why – it was really an amazing piece of film. Terrific little story, visually amazing (thanks to Michel Gondry) and Mos Def, Mos Def, Mos Def. Me talking about Mos Def usually sounds like a woman in the 90s talking about Brad Pitt.


3. Role Models
The Onion’s AV Club gave it an A. Rotten Tomatoes rates it at 76% Fresh. IMDB give it a 7.9 out of 10. And yet, nobody listed this on their end-of-year Best-Of lists. Why? I dunno, maybe they still haven’t forgiven Paul Rudd for Over Her Dead Body. But still, when this shit comes out on DVD, you NEED to see it. So effing hilarious.

2. Let The Right One In
I haven’t seen this yet (I did this last year with Walk Hard, and yes – it was all I expected it to be) but all my friends tell me it’s amazing, so I choose to believe them. I can’t wait to see it.

Son Of A Nutcracker, WALL-E is amazing. I cried so much at it!! Holy shit, this is seriously the best movie all year. WALL-E and Eve FTW!!!


elle said...

Speaking of movies, have you seen the Wolverine trailer? http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID=48169656

The Mayor said...

I have! And I am super pumped for it (and The Watchmen. I am such a nerd)

elle said...

Ya same here! I decided to read it in the meantime. Longest graphic novel ever. Totally worth it.

Matt said...

i totally agree with you about "be kind" i think it was great, just marketed poorly.

and wall*e is now my favorite movie ever. in fact, people who don't like wall*e can suck it.