Lady GaGa is a tard Lady GaGa is ADORABLE!!

Okay, so I have a tendancy to pre-judge things. SHOCKER! So when Lady GaGa came out, I just passed her sorry ass off as Blonde Katy Perry. Not sure why; there was just something about her look that says I didn't get enough attention as a child and now I'm taking it out on your eyes.

I dunno, I sort of tried to give Just Dance a chance, but I wasn't totally into it. She just seemed so fake. So when my sister sent me this video, I only chose to watch it cause she put "too cute" in the subject line. SPOILER ALERT! She wasn't lying; this is adorable! I naturally assumed that she was some manufactured cut-out of a human (like Sarah Palin), but she can actually play the piano, she has a great voice, and she did the impossible; she turned a super-catchy dance track into a very sweet, cute acoustic version.

So today I tip my hat to Lady GaGa; chances are she will be nothing more than a faint memory when 2010 comes rolling around. But for now, I wish her all the success she is receiving. Also, I urge her to save her pennies - don't go blowing your paycheques all at once, or you will be relegated to The Surreal Life 2013.

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alex davey illustrations said...

No! She is going to be dynamite!!!!
She is better than Katy Perry because you can tell Lady Gaga is a total fug under the blonde wig but she still manages to be extremely cool.