The Morning After: American Idol, The Biggest Loser, and Ruby

I thought I'd start your morning off with a little googly-eyed friend, just like my anthropomorphic Golden Globe. He's wearing a tie because he is headed straight to the top of the corporate ladder. Power lunches and DeLoreans.
So last night my roomate was like "what I don't understand is that you have a job and you have a life and you bake and everything and you still watch a crapload of television". Guilty as charged. I do watch a lot of television, but the way I explained it to her is this: I've always watched a lot of television. Since I was a kid, I got super good grades and had friends and took music lessons and did sports and shit. But I just also happened to watch a lot of sitcoms and Nick-at-Nite and SNL and stuff. It gave me a personality. Anyways, now I put in a healthy 6 hours a day. I also should stress that I work 8 hours a day too. I also should stress that I don't weigh as much as Ruby. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Moving on! Last night was the premiere of the 8th season of American WhoGivesAFuck Idol. I need to stress that I do not (I repeat NOT) watch AI that often; I only watch about the first 5 episodes. This is where they travel from city to city watching the auditions, digging up America's hidden talent, and unearthing America's most embarrassing, tone-deaf, watch your comments or this guy might come in shooting, singing losers. This week they were in Pheonix, Arizona (a place I would love to visit, but I'm afraid I don't do well in Apocalypse-like heat) and when I say they, I mean Randy, Paula, Simon, and the new one!! Her name is Kara DioGuardi and apparently she is a songwriter. I dunno, I lost interest in her backstory. Anyways, always entertaining, but I will start losing interest once they get to Hollywood.

I also watched The Biggest Loser last night, which is starting to seriously grow on me! I actually love watching the trainers push the fatties to their breaking point. EXCEPT last night it was actually super-sad; the elimination was between the oldest contestant (an old Grandpa named Jerry) and the youngest, fattest contestant (Dan is only 19 but weighed like 490 lbs). Anyways, everyone was SO TORN because they were like "both of these two need this show more than any of us". Anyways, they all ended up unanimously voting out Jerry because, as one of the contestants expressed, "he used to be thin, he has a wife and grandkids, and a great life. Dan has only known fat". Aw!! Sad!!! Anyways, Jerry ended up being eliminated and went home and then he lost like 100 lbs at home with his wife. Good for you, Jerry!!

Then I watched Ruby, which last week was my favourite show, but this week? Well, just like being on a diet in real life, it's fun and exciting for the first 2 days, but then you end up starving and cheating (and cheating for me meant changing the channel to watch Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane). Sorry Ruby, but I sort of don't care anymore. There's only so much "hey y'all, I'm starvin' y'all! I want some pizzas, y'all!" you can listen to without losing your mind.

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