"You CANNOT be serious!!"

Thank you, John McEnroe, for the phrase that ultimately sums everything up for me. I think I use the phrase You cannot be serious! on a near-hourly basis.

And the Phrase of the Century was yelled last night as I exited the theatre from My Bloody Valentine (in 3D! Was it terrible? Naw. More just laughable. But we got SICK GLASSES. Jealous?). Anyways, I passed by the poster for Dance Flick and realized that, just when I thought Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer couldn't get any worse, someone beat them to the punch. THE WAYANS BROTHERS.
...the fuck??!? I honestly would expect this kind of garbage from Friedberg and Seltzer, but the Wayans Brothers? Well, actually, yeah - I would expect this kind of garbage from them. They are actually parodying Save the Last Dance in the poster, btw. Way to keep it current, fellas! Glad you could reference a movie made in the past 10 years (that, by the way, you already parodied in Scary Movie 2).

Of course, the Wayans Brothers are notorious for their thought-provoking stories and well-planned, carefully crafted plots (from IMDB):

A satirical jab at musical/dance films focusing on a naive girl who uses dance to achieve her dreams, and the street smart guy who helps her along the way.

Add to that the main character's name is Tracy Transfat, and I smell an Oscar (or am I smelling a hot catshit?). I mean, okay, I don't totally hate the Wayans Brothers movies. I effing LOVED Don't be a Menace. But White Chicks? Little Man? Things do not look good.

BUT there is one ray of hope. I checked out the cast and your hero and mine, Amy Sedaris, is listed simply as Ms. Cameltoe. Will I see Dance Flick just because I'm a rabit Amy Sedaris fan? Hay-yull no! If she's playing a character called Ms. Cameltoe, I'll just go rent Strangers with Candy.