I saw Michael Cera this morning!!

Oh. Mah. Gawd. Furreal, I saw my future husband and true love Michael Cera on my way to work this morning. I was on the streetcar and he drove past me in his Toyota (HE'S SO HUMBLE!!!) and he was looking very cautious (HE CARES ABOUT THE SAFETY OF OTHERS). He is just as beautiful in real life as he is on Arrested Development (HANDSOME LIKE JESUS). Also, it was this morning at 7:45am, which means he was probably off to the nursing home to give his Gam-Gam a sponge bath or the SPCA to feed kittens (THEY'RE ON A TIGHT SCHEDULE).

Also he looked at me (OUR EYES MET, WHICH MEANS WE ARE SOULMATES) and I think he might have mouthed the words I love You (PROBABLY NOT). Anyways, you know it's an exciting day for me when I see a 20-year-old sort-of celebrity. Actually, can we upgrade Cera's status to full-blown celebrity (JONAS BROTHERS!)? Because he is in a lot of hit movies and I would go so far as to say that he is well-respected in Hollywood (UNLIKE ANDY DICK). Know what would have been better, though? Seeing Michael Cera and Jonah Hill.

UPDATE! I just checked Wikipedia and it turns out Michael Cera is dating Charlyne Yi (Martin Starr's Asian girlfriend from Knocked Up). She is 32 (TOO OLD FOR YOU, MICHAEL!) which honestly, I think he would be better suited to a non-Asian 25-year-old who is very funny also and is definitely working on her acne problem (IT'S NOT THAT BAD!!)


Jenn L said...

i do not believe he is dating someone that old. lame and gross.

Anonymous said...

why the caps?

Sarah J M said...

I guess it did not work out with Man, I mean Ann.