Tomorrow Begins Florida Week!!!

Wait, what? I was hoping to get a picture of Florida the state...not the mother from Good Times. Can I get a picture of Florida, please?
Come on, who put that up there?!? That's a picture of Flo Rida, the piss-poor rapper. Goddamn it, do I have to do everything myself?
Fuck off!! That's the album Florida by DJ Diplo. I am not in the mood for this, people! I have to wake my ass up at 5am tomorrow to get on a plane headed for Chicago, then get on another plane headed for Tampa (aka The Walmart of Florida).
There we go! Florida. The Sunshine State. Wait...is that California? No no, the sunshine state is Florida.
Stop it! I said Florida! I know, that joke is so hackneyd. I know I spelled that wrong, and I don't give a crap. Okay, so here is the plan; I will be live-blogging all week in the Sunshine State (aka Big Poppa OJ) on a variety of awesome stuff. Seashells, sand, water, jellyfish, those weird shits that wash up on shore and they look like cabbages (what are those things? I think it's a Man-O-War) American Cereals, American foods (grits and sawmill gravy!!). Really, just the differences between America and Canada. I mean, I've been there tons of times, but everytime I'm in Merica, I get this weird pride feeling. I can't explain it. Makes me want to bust out the Toby Keith.

Anyways, check in daily cause I will have lots to report! Lots of pictures (none of me in a bathing suit...don't worry).

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Hey, have a good trip!