Because it's Wednesday...

...and I'm lazy (shocker, I know) but here is my favourite video of the week (hell, of the month). In case you need help understanding what's going on, we have a pet turtle who is trying to get romantic with a sneaker and his invasive, peeping-tom owners won't leave his horny ass alone for 5 minutes. I'd say this video is NSFW, but really? If teenage mutant ninja peen is enough to get you fired, then you may need to reconsider what kind of day-job you have.

*Note: You NEED to watch this with the sound on. Watching it in silence is beyond creepy, but listening to his little squeals and sighs and hearing his owners snickering is too much fun. It really does elevate the video from weird clip of a turtle fucking a shoe to adorable widdle shelled baby squealing and twying so hard to have sex wif a shoe.

*Note x2: Get that turtle a lady-turtle, stat!

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