The Last Corner Gas EVER.

First off, a very big Herpes Birthday to two very special (important, not olympics) individuals today! B-Day wishes go out to my Uncle Fester and LJ in Vancouver. Both are 86 today. Enjoy the Metamucil! Now on to today's post...

Former Kids in the Hall and SNL alumn Mark McKinney suggested that Canadian television would henceforth be divided into two distinct eras: before Corner Gas and after Corner Gas.

And if you aren't Canadian, then you have no effing idea what that means.

But if you are Canadian, then you know that today is a very sad day. Last night was the series finale of Corner Gas, probably the most profoundly groundbreaking Canadian sitcom...well...ever. Never has a Canadian television seen the popularity that Brent Butt and the citizens of Dog River; I mean, people actually watched it. Every week! And not out of irony, either - people actually watched Corner Gas because it was funny. I mean, the opening theme isn't funny, but worth a watch anyways...

To be brief, Corner Gas is a show about Brent Leroy (Brent Butt, who before the show was a fairly successful stand-up comic) who owns Corner Gas (the only gas station in the middle of the Canadian prairies). Pretty basic, eh? Nothing else. No magic talking dog. No wacky immigrant neighbor. It's just a small town with a bunch of people. Despite the multitude of secondary characters and guest stars, but there are 8 main characters who are on every episode of Corner Gas. From left to right:
Lacey (owns the cafe next to Corner Gas, The Ruby. She likes Brent, but will never tell him. He also likes Lacey and believes he is the hottest guy in town). Brent (we have already talked about him). Hank (this is Brent's best friend and is very dumb). Oscar Leroy (this is Brent's father. He is starting to become senile and he calls everything and everyone a jackass). Emma Leroy (this is Brent's mother. She is very smart and knits a lot). Wanda (works at Corner Gas with Brent. She has a son that no one has ever seen on the show. She is a smartass and always wears t-shirts over long sleeve shirts). Karen and Davis (they are the only cops in town. Davis is almost as dumb as Hank and Karen is smart but writes people up for the littlest things).

Anyways, in case you have been under a rock for the past 6 years, here are a few clips that should give you an idea of the sort of caliber of humor we were treated to week after week.

In this clip we see Davis trying to call the coach of the baseball team and he gets Kiefer Sutherland instead. Yes, drunk, belligerent, unnecessarily aggressive Kiefer Sutherland.

In this clip we get a good idea of how naive Lacey is, how smart Emma is, and why turtles are cute. Best part? 1:10 to 1:15. I wish that could be my ring-tone.

This clip show how much of a crotchety old man Oscar is.

More proof that Hank is not smart.

Okay, so did you watch last night?? It was pretty good!
SPOLERS AHEAD! So stop reading if you missed it because you were too busy watching Dancing with the Stars.
The episode starts with Wanda wondering where Brent goes every Wednesday night. They ask him and he tells them to mind their own damn business. Lacey asks if he's seeing a lady, and he doesn't deny it, so she spreads a rumour that he has a woman. Wanda says he can't be seeing a woman, because he hasn't gone on a date since Grade 11 and he's now saving himself for Catwoman. They decide to trail him the next Wednesday and he drives to the city. I'm suspecting Regina? Saskatoon? What's the city in Saskatchewan? I dunno. Anyways, Karen, Davis, Wanda, Hank, and Lacey all follow him to the city. It turns out he's been doing stand-up comedy every week, and people really like him. They congratulate him on a job well done, except Karen and Davis, who are bummed that they weren't included in his act. They return to Dog River and Hank decides to become part of Brent's entourage, which involves him wearing sunglasses and leaving messages for himself on his cellphone. Wanda starts encouraging Brent to chase his dream, only so that she can take over Corner Gas. Emma starts to worry that showbiz will turn into an alcoholic or a drug addict.
Cut to Lacey getting a phone call from a club owner (who wants him to go on a comedy tour) and Emma tells her that if she doesn't give him the message, then he'll never leave. Emma wants him to settle down and Oscar wants him to follow his dreams (aka stand on stage in a bucket of yogurt). Lacey tells Brent and he goes to call the agent. Brent comes to the Ruby and they throw him a going-away party, at which point he tells them he's not going; he doesn't want to go on the tour. He pulls out a list and says that stand-up comedy was just something on a list of things to try. It ends with footnotes on what every character is doing post-show. Lacey opens a Ruby in Wullerton (which gets shut down by the health department), Oscar keeps saying jackass, Hank remains unemployed, Karen and Davis get married (but not to each other), and Brent goes fly fishing. Cop-out? A bit I guess. But then again, it's how the show should end. Nothing crazy, nothing out of place.

Goodbye Corner Gas, I'll miss you!


Anonymous said...

First TPB, now this. Sigh.

Alice said...

When it first came out I didn't really appreciate the humour, then I moved to Winnipeg (and visited tiny Dog River-like towns) and I started watching. I like the episode where they pay homage to "The Littlest Hobo" a Canadian classic.

fester said...

Oh great now I've been given herpes for my birthday,...........

Brent said...

It wasn't the only gas station. It was the only gas station in 100 miles. Saskatchewan is huge so this is not a shock. And the city that they all go to is Saskatoon, where the show was filmed.

Brent said...

It wasn't the only gas station. It was the only gas station in 100 miles. Saskatchewan is huge so this is not a shock. And the city that they all go to is Saskatoon, where the show was filmed.

Brent said...

Sorry, Regina, not Saskatoon.