A small interview with my sister, who cut off part of her finger.

Warning! Thar be gross pictures ahead! Just like with the Poo Nuggets post from last week, there are some sort-of gross pictures below. I mean, it's just a couple of jpegs of a cut-up finger and some stitches (no blood, so no worries) but I thought I'd be kind and give you the heads up. I know, you can thank me later with a muffin basket. Okay! Scroll down to read!

I've written about my sister before on The Skip-Raid (I'd link to the interview, but I'll let you look for that) and she's actually been kind enough to write an article or two on The Hills (waaay back when I still wrote about The Hills. It seems so long ago!). Anyways, my sister Alex is an award-winning illustrator (you can see her work here) who has a show coming up this weekend, and while she was getting ready for it, she cut off part of her finger. I thought I might give my sister a call and ask her how it happened.

ALEX: Hello?

THE MAYOR: Hey. So, did you want to do this interview?

ALEX: Yeah.

THE MAYOR: Okaaaaay, so...can you email me? (I like to do interviews over email or gmail chat so that it's easy for me to just copy and paste).

ALEX: Ugh, no. I don't have a computer, remember? Just do it over the phone.

ALEX: Hello?

THE MAYOR: Oh, come on. This will take forever to transcribe. Okay, hold on, let me type my first question...

ALEX: I'm watching Rock of Love. Type that. Can I do this tomorrow? I can't be funny right now.
(This whole conversation was full of pauses and silence. She was clearly watching TV while on the phone with me).

THE MAYOR: Okay, tell me how you cut your finger?

ALEX: Don't do a story on my finger. It's stupid. Talk about those baby pictures of Audrina (She had recently sent me baby pictures of Ceiling Eyes from The Hills).

THE MAYOR: Okay, fine. I'm writing that.

ALEX: Okay, bye!


This is the cut on her finger. She apparently still has the chunk that came out. She cut it with an X-acto knife. She's pretty tough - she didn't go in and get stitches. She just wrapped it up and let it start to heal. It's pretty sick - she said she had to pick out fibres of gauze when she unwrapped it.

Ewww! Are you looking at that side profile? That's gonna leave a mark. I can only imagine if it will leave an innie scar or an outie.

This is a picture of my sister's thumb. She has a really bad habit of hacking up her digits, and this was the first time. She was working at Tim Horton's (Dunkin' Donuts for all my American Readers) and she sliced open her thumb on a bagel knife. Her boss wasn't really thrilled that she was leaving in the middle of a shift, but she's a bit of a turd, so it came as no surprise. The same thing happened to my best friend; she was working there too and spilled a whole coffee pot of boiling water on her foot and then had to drive herself to the hospital. Stay classy, lady!

Anyways, get well soon, Little Blister! Put some soap on that shit - nobody needs an infection!

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Show is next weekend May 7-10.