Email from my sister:

guuuuurl wtf is your problem
you should be writing daily now!!!!!
here are some topics since you are too dum dum and lazy wazy to think of any
1. jon and kate plus 8 season premier = you watched it right?
2. centreville
3. how poor you are
4. how smelly you are
5. how single you are
6. hahah
7. kidding
8. you know i wuv woo
9. but seriously start posting more than once a week, sharpen your skilllz


Alice said...

Haha, sisters are so great. I have two and they always have to remind me that they're better than me in some way.

John & Kate plus 8, how depressing was that last night? I thought Kate was bitchy to Jon before - hell hath no fury like a bitchy woman with 8 whiny kids whose husband wants to hang with 23 year olds.

alex davey said...

Ugh I am on Team Jon.
Dealing with her and her backwards mullet and ankle tattoos would be hell!
Kids were ultra adorable that episode.
Man I am such a loser, I DON'T CARE!!!!