If you should die before you wake...

Hey, you remember that Clown Bed that Homer made for 2-year-old Bart on The Simpsons?

Yeah! That one! Now, don't get me wrong - that's the creepiest bed I've ever seen, especially since I have a crippling fear of clowns (and no, smartass, I've never seen It). But you know what's just-as-creepy, not-as-quoted from that episode?? Grandma Flanders wandering the halls and screetching at Bart "Can ya help me with mah psalms?!?" Anyways, have you ever reminiced about the Clown Bed and thought "If only someone would make it much, much more visually, soul-shakingly distrubing..."

Tah-dah! Jesus hears your prayers and he answers them - PROOF. This picture was sent to me by a long-time reader (a-thank you) and when I saw it, I actually recoiled a little. That face - Santa Maria! It's like Bart's bed mated with Salad Fingers. That poor cat - imagine its jagoff owners? I can only imagine (judging solely on the bed and the shitty half-plastered wall behind it) that they are two complete shroom-head Juggalos. How do I know this? I dunno - I'm just judgemental I guess.

Anyways, I felt like I needed a little preamble first to hype yo asses up. There won't be a post tomorrow at all; the next post (a good one) will be Monday. Just like my sister noted a few days ago, I haven't been updating much this week (especially with all thet Jon & Kate escandalo business) but I have a VERY GOOD REASON for this, which I will announce on Monday. Get ready for it kids! You will be pumped, I promise. Very big news.

Okay, that's it. Git off mah lawn!

- The Mayor

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Alice said...

Salad fingers! I was obsessed with that toon a few years ago (that and the 'Strawberry Pancakes' song)! It's so nice when someone else understands your love of creepy things.