Chicken Tetrazzini

Okay, so just watch this clip from The Soup:

Now you need to watch this. This is my ringtone, my kitchen timer, the 1st dance song at my wedding, the lullaby I will sing to my children, the song I want played as they lower my ass 6 feet into the ground. Please watch this before it blows up and your Mom is emailing you a link in an email that says "have you heard about Chicken Parmigan?? I LOL-ed so hard!!! It's better than Rick Astley Rolling!"

I have seriously watched this remix about 40 times since Friday. As I type this, I'm actually drawing out a tattoo that reads PAWL LOVE IT drawn in script over a plate of chicken tetrazzini. FUCK!! I want that tattoo! If you draw it out and scan it in, I will (strongly consider) get it on my arm. Or neck. Neck seems like a good choice.


Anonymous said...

this is the new dramatic chipmunk

Instbe said...

The Chicken Tetrazzini Remix will be this year's "Yeah" (Usher/Luda/Lil John)