RIP Michael Jackson

Look, I know that it's gonna be pretty much the status quo today that every blogger, newspaper, LOL Cat, etc will be talking about MJ's death, and - don't get me wrong, I wasn't really a fan - but something seems really sad today. It's not that the King of Pop died yesterday - to me (and most of us) that Michael died right after recording the song from Free Willy. And it's not that we're losing an international star - he was really only big in Japan and Germany, amiright? Hell, we're not even losing a talented musician; we can thank Quincy Jones for Thriller. It's that 3 kids lost their dad yesterday; 3 kids who don't really know their moms. 3 kids who don't really have a support system that is free from fame-whores and money-spongers. Hell, you know you've got it bad when the next best male role model in your life is Jermaine Dupri. And forget about all the child-touching shit - we all know he was pretty inappropriate with those kids - but on the whole he seemed like a decent dad. His kids could go to birthday parties and to the library without having a shitload of papparazzi following them (ahem - Angelina). And when push comes to shove, they will probably be fairly well-adjusted kids. But for now they have to go through the mourning of their dad, their only parent, and that's a fucking tragedy.

RIP MJ - you gave us Beat It, which in turn gave us Weird Al's Eat It, and for that I will always be truly thankful.

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