As if, MTV - it's about frenching time!!

I am hy-purr-ventilating right now out of sheer excitement because I have just received the best news known to HUMANITY. Okay, so I was reading Jezebel and they announced that MTV will be releasing EVERY SINGLE GODDAMNED EPISODE OF DARIA ON DVD!! The bad news? I need to wait till 2010. Fuck, cammon! We can get every single piece of shit television show on dvd and yet it is taking you FOR-EV-URR to get Daria to disc? There had better be some amazing extras on that shit, because you know I am willing to wait in line and pay top dollar. Sike! I will wait outside Wal-Mart till security goes on break and then steal it. Fuck, who am I kidding? I'm going to line up and buy it.

Anyways, since MTV shot Daria, execution style, in 2002, there are like no clips on YouTube. For shame! But even if there were, I would have still posed this clip of the theme song with those terrific end-credit pictures. I used to get so excited for the end of each episode so I could guess the Pop Culture Reference. This one is great - someone has compiled a bunch of them. My favourites? Tom Sloan as Slim Goodbody, Mr. DeMartino as Divine, Jane as Flavor Flav, and the totem pole. Crap, can I just get cryogenically frozen till 2010 plz??

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