I love Dash Snow but I hates heroin

So I was up at my parent's house reading the newspaper on Saturday when I found out that Dash Snow, a pretty useless guy who made some ok art, overdosed on heroin. I hate to sound callous, but he's pretty much everyone I hate: rich NYC parents, hasn't worked a day in his life, drugs and clothes and parties all the time. And that's cool, if that's what you're into, but I've personally been working every day of my life since I was 13 and paying my own bills and shit, so I have very little sympathy for someone who squanders their life like that. However - Dash Snow was my 1st year university crush. He was in an issue of AdBusters and was shirtless and wearing a balaclava and smiling. He was so gorgeous and 18-year-old me really wanted to find a boyfriend just like him. I wish I could find it, but I threw out all my old copies of AdBusters when I realized I wasn't a sad-sack hippie dirtbag loser. Anywhogivesashit, Dash Snow's death made me think back to this great piece that Gavin McInnes wrote about heroin. I think it's pretty important. But what do I know? I freebase NeoCitran. Maybe just listen to me this once, k? Don't ever do heroin.
Loves You,

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