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Hey friends, welcome to Monday! And welcome to Ask My Mom, where you asked your very important life questions and she answers. And remember - to Ask My Mom a question, simply email skipraid@gmail.com or leave it in the comments! Alright, hop in to your mom jeans and let's do this! Let's chat with the cuteness that is my mom, Mumma D.

What is the best recipe for Polish Apple Cake, and do I have to be Polish to enjoy said cake?

- Cake Lover

If you really want the BEST Polish apple cake recipe email me! Btw....it's called Jablecznik...apple cake just sounds too boring. As to whether you need to be Polish to enjoy it...duh!!!!...It's CAKE!

Solve for y and don't forget to show your work!

- Sleepless in Seattle

Thank you Sleepless in Seattle or as I'd like to call you-Smartypants in Seattle! Y oh y r u posting a math problem here? I'm here 2 give work/relationship advice and 2 answer recipe and shiba inu questions! The good folks over at www.kumon.com would b more than happy 2 assist u with your "problem" Good luck! (geez...there's always 1 in every crowd)

At work there is another employee who is a serious b-word. This person is really unbareable. I think its because their life is crap, so they have to take out all their shit on everyone else. So heres my question: do i just ignore them and keep feeling sorry for them or should i tell them off. i should mention i really want to tell them off.
- Anonymous

Please define "a serious b-word": baby, browbeater, baker? If it's what I think it is.... (b as in witch ;) then just make up some crazy rumour that'll get her/him fired and your problem is solved....right?! KIDDING! Always take the high road. Arrange to meet this person to discuss this problem and how it's affecting you. Could be that their home life is in shambles or they're dealing with a medical problem and they just need someone to talk to. If they don't want to discuss their personal problems then meet with your boss and explain what's been happening (with documentation) DON'T tell this person off!! You may end up looking like the baddie (especially if they start wailing) and it could affect YOUR employee status! It's up to your boss to manage this workplace problem..not you.

Hi Mom. If i eat beets, and then go to the doctors for a urinary tract infection, and they see my pee is red...will I get time off work?

- Rachael

First off....you should seriously think about getting a new Dr. if you can pull this one off :/ Believe me, with or without the beet(le)juice you'll definitely be staying home with a UTI!! For heaven's sake... you must have been absent from health class the day they taught "taking care of your body" ....probably home with another UTI, poor thing :( Take those beets and use them for their intended purpose...borscht! (Another Polish recipe) Simmer up a tall pot and share with your co-workers after you've returned from sick leave ;)
Seriously though...do pay attention to your urine rainbow spectrum...yes, including pink and blue! M.D. may be my moniker but I'm no Doctor so always check with your health professional if you're feelin' blue!

Tip of the day
: If we're honest with ourselves we've ALL been "serious b-words" at work at least once. Showing care and compassion may diffuse a person's anger and help them understand they need to leave their problems outside the workplace....managing stress is hard. If all else fails.....bake a Polish apple cake and offer her/him a corner piece :)

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