Happy Hurloween!!

You know it's not Hurloween without a picture of John O'Hurley (aka Seinfeld's J. Peterman). God, I will never tire of that joke (despite the fact that it isn't all that funny). Anyways, this week's ANTM post will be arriving to you bright and early on Monday, so watch for that. I'm sorry I'm bumping it, but today is a very big day! That's right - the day before Halloween, my most favourite of all holidays. I was thinking of a good post to write for today and tomorrow, but I could only come up with one, so that will be tomorrow's post. But today? Today I have stolen a great list from our friends at The Onion. I read it this morning and knew I couldn't write anything nearly as funny as this, so here we go:

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween, though lots of frightful fun, can also be full of potential dangers. Here are some tips to make your kids' All Saints' Eve an All "Safe" Eve:

- Pack your child's rectum with razor blades to make him/her less desirable to would-be molesters.
- Always trick-or-treat in groups of 400,000.
- Many troublemakers and dangerous people come out on Halloween night. To be safe, trick-or-treat in early March.
- Safety and self-defense go hand in hand. Be sure your child's handgun has at least a 10-round magazine and is at least .38 caliber to ensure stopping power.
- For optimum safety while trick-or-treating, be sure your child does not encounter fright-master screenwriter Kevin Williamson.
- Equip your child with special cyanide-filled false tooth for use in case of capture.
- Be sure child closes eyes before you drill eyeholes in mask.
- Beat would-be child murderers at their own game by poisoning your kids ahead of time.
- Dress your child in all-black costume to make him/her virtually invisible to potentially dangerous motorists.
- Tell your kids that if they see anything suspicious or scary-looking–for example, ghosts, goblins or witches–they should run to the nearest neighbor's house and call the police.
- Pack child's costume with safety flares.
- Before sending children off, give their anuses a good dollop of lube. This will help prevent their tissue from tearing when they are sodomized by maniacs.
- Do not ring doorbells under any circumstances.

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Anonymous said...

Kinda funny......although NOTHING beats the Tetecleques Hallowe'en video...the best!!!