This Bitch? (am I right or am I right)

Photoshopping blood; it's what I do best, I guess. So it's been a week since the Finale of America's Next Top Who Gives a Fuck, and this bowl of lukewarm soup was crowned "Best in Show". Congrats Nicole, you're going places...namely the chair beside the phone to wait for the agent who will never call. Hey, it's technically a location; plus its absorbent upholstery will soak up all your salty stoner tears.

Anyways, I feel bad for taking so long to write the Finale follow-up, but I just couldn't get jazzed about it. Ty and I watched it (obvies) but I lost our conversation, so you don't get our usual recap (I know. SADNESS). So instead we have a picture of Nicole as a weird possessed zombie, which I think we can all agree is a good compromise.

And with that, we hang up our hats on Cycle 13 of ANTM. But it's not all bleakness and depression (were you really that upset? I know, probably not). Cycle 14 will bring us way more amazingness and reasons to watch!!! Kimora returns to the judging table!! Miss J returns to runway coaching!! ANDRE LEON TALLEY!! Are you hearing this? The ANTM Judging panel just morphed into the bitchy girl table from your High School cafeteria. See you then!


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