The Sads times a billion :(

Corey Haim (the Corey on the right, of course) went up to Heaven last night. He was only 38, and it looks like it might have been the result of a drug overdose. This is the sads for real people because, while he wasn't my favourite Corey - that honour is bestowed upon Corey Feldman, he was still a goddamned good Corey. Plus, he starred in the hottest piece of cinema ever Anything for Love (but I remember it on TV as Just One of the Girls). Goddamn it, I know that Corey Haim didn't exactly have an A-List career, but its got to make you a bit sad when you see a kid thrown into Hollywood, given no direction or rules or shown how to save the money they make, blow everything on drugs and cars and god knows what else, file for bankruptcy, go to rehab, do shitty VH1 reality shows, show up to the opening of a Van Nuys Arby's (just for the free Big Beef n' Cheddars) and just desperately cling to fame. It's really heartbreaking. Forget Walk The Line or The Queen, I want to see the biopic on Corey Haim's life. Anyways, thoughts go out to his family, friends, and especially Corey Feldman, who's identity is no longer tied to that of The Two Coreys.

Sidebar: Lindsay Lohan, this is your fucking life in 15 years if you don't get your shit together.

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