What did I do this weekend? Oh, just kick some ass at a cupcake competition.

This weekend I competed in Iron Cupcake Toronto and totally killed it (note: while I will be writing this post very casually and alluding to the fact that I totally curb-stomped the competition, I should stress that I did not think I was going to win, and when I did, I was extremely gracious and shy). Okay, so back to me winning the shit out of a cupcake competition. I had a week to think of a way to incorporate the secret ingredient (beer) with the secret theme (green), so I came up with this:

Cake - I took a vanilla cake recipe and turned it into beer-caramel cake. This was pretty simple. Caramel squares (like the kind you get at Halloween) plus beer (I used Smithwick's Irish Ale) and melted them together, then mixed it into the cake batter. The cake wasn't as beer'y caramel'y as I wanted, so I pumped some liquid caramel into the cooled cakes.

Icing - Normally I'm a vanilla buttercream person, but this time I added dark bitter chocolate and Guinness. I normally turn up my nose at chocolate icing, but this was lovely.

Decoration - This was the fiddly'est part. I took mini pretzels and hand-dipped them in white chocolate. I now know what kind of eternal punishment Satan has lined up for me when I die.

Then I had to take all of the above and painstakingly recreate them into 50 tiny cupcakes...which looked like this:

Tear. That's my little dude! I think that mine was very tastefully done and adorable and delicious, but I'm incredibly biased and a very competitive person. But take a look at the mini cupcake to the right of mine. See that hoodrat? That one took home the prize for Best Taste. HAYULL to the NAW, BOBBY B! Actually, I kid - hers looked delicious and was by far the most simple and least convoluted of all the cakes' Guinness cake with cream cheese icing, all homemade, all fresh. There were some fucked up "let's get all Guy Fieri on their asses" cakes, let me tell you. This one had a shit-ton of nuts, pretzels, pistachios, beer, mint, cheese, FUCK. Lady, come on - the challenge wasn't to use up everything in your fridge close to its expiration date. So yeah, while I didn't win the judges hearts, I won Best In Show - that means I won the people's votes with my adorable cake-with-a-hangover display. Seriously, if anything, I should have won the "Bitch needs to get out more" award, because I was a shut-in for a whole week. Every night I ran home from work to re-create a bedroom in miniature:

See that kids? That's the frowny, hungover face that won me a t-shirt and a 6-pack of cupcakes! Those tiny crumpled beer cans? HANDMADE. All the bedding? HAND SEWN. The banner being carried by sparrows behind his head that reads "The Morning After St. Patrick's Day" that is totally cut out of the picture? I DID THAT SHIT. Ev. Ree. Thang. I sewed up that little quilt, handcrafted a tiny foam-filled mattress, I even made a perfect 16:1 box of Advil (hell, even Cathy is shanking me some side-eye right about now). But who effs it! People thought my display was adorbs and that's just great, I'm pleased as punch. Since I got myself a button that says WINNER, I have been blacklisted from next month's competition, which is actually okay because the secret ingredient is coffee, and I am NOT A FAN of baking with coffee. I like to drink it, don't like to eat it. Anyways, that's it! I had a ton of fun and got to enjoy a Sunday afternoon indoors eating (aka my favourite way to spend every Sunday).

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