Can we accept Josh Groban as Cool yet?

Seriously, this guy takes so many balls to the chin and for what - FOR WHAT? For singing the sweet melodies that lull your Memaws to post-Meals On Wheels dreamland? For being discovered by The King of Mom Jams himself David Foster? For singing ear-bleedingly terrible songs like The Prayer or You Raise Me Up? Okay, all good reasons...but I don't think dismissing Josh Groban as 'that guy who sings the shitty music your parents put on during dinner to cut the terrible silence' is entirely fair. And here's why:

1. Josh Groban can laugh at himself
My personal heroes Tim and Eric called on Josh Groban to film a cameo for Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! wherein he plays himself singing the terrible, shitty songs of Casey for a television commercial. Playing himself. Singing songs. In operatic tenor. 100% in on the joke. Imagine that phone call?
Josh Groban's agent: Hey Josh, it's David. Okay, so I got a call from Adult Swim and they want you to film a skit for the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!
Josh Groban: Sure!
Josh Groban's agent: Okay, um...it's just that the skit is you, Josh Groban, doing covers of those terrible Uncle Muscles Hour songs...and...the joke kind if lies in that it's...you singing them. Josh Groban. Because you're a terrible, hackneyed singer who's main fan base is moronic middle America.
Josh Groban: When do I start?
Josh Groban's agent: Josh, I don't think you understand. The joke here is that it's you. Josh Groban.
Josh Groban: Did I stutter? I SAID WHEN DO I START, ASSHOLE!
Also, please don't lie to me and tell me you didn't get a boner when he was singing Cops and Robbers.

2. Josh Groban makes Twitter a little less obnoxious

Okay, when I say I hate Twitter I mean I HATE Twitter. It's just so pathetic; people answering the questions nobody asked, 40 times a day. But that's been covered a ton (really, does anyone find Twitter something more than just one huge circle-jerk?) But after reading Josh Groban's tweets (EW. I hate using that term) my heart melted a tiny bit. He's actually fairly entertaining and (GASP) not incredibly self-involved.

3. Josh Groban is funny
You have to admit, he's got timing (unlike that bloated ham Clay Aiken). Plus, he's a great go-to in the event you need 'uptight suburban white guy'. As I have heard, Josh Groban and Jimmy Kimmel are friends. Hello! Jimmy Kimmel! That guy barely likes anyone.

And here is a picture Josh Groban posted to his Twitter. Come on, it's not hilarious, but it's not terrible either.

4. Josh Groban is hot.
Yep. He is, deal with it. I mean, he's like a cuter Andy Samberg, right? Handsome good-looks, tall-ish, decent teeth. Oh, and did I mention January Jones let him hit it for 3 years. Know who else she let hit it for 3 years? Ashton Kutcher.

Yes, this man is in the same vagina-league as Mr. Demi Moore. Which means that if I let Josh Groban Raise my Prayer (ewwww, what?) he would have to be very, very desperate to agree to it. He's a billionaire, hangs out with Jimmy Kimmel, and fucks hot broads. Also he's nice as shit and extremely humble. I'm sorry, why are people ashamed to say he's cool again? It's not like he's a notorious dickhead who is constantly declining to grant dying kids Make-A-Wishes or parking in the handicapped spots at Starbucks or anything. Hell, I think the worst he does is smoke weed now and then and drink at Grammy after parties.

So yeah, can I please call a moratorium on the Josh Groban haterade? I'm not saying you should start downloading Ave Maria or anything, but let's just appreciate him for who he is: a pretty cool guy who sings like someone your Grandmother would love (well, if your Grandmother isn't already into Michael Buble - some Gamgams are LOCO over him).


Jenn L said...

i fully agree with this post. he is cool.

Cate said...

You are dead on with this post. I'm NOT afraid to say it, I think he's awesome, cool, talented and gorgeous. Deal with it. Great post!

soyourblogsucks said...

Middle America is so much smarter than you it's not funny. Like your blog.