My gift to you!

That's right friends! In my spare time I like to make paper toys, and finally have finished one of my own. When I first started making one I wanted it to be simple and cute. Looks like I succeeded, because this little squirrel is ADORABLE. Anyways, it's super simple to put it together. Here's how:

1) Click on the image above to enlarge it.

2) Print it out. It's already formatted for a sheet of 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, so just make sure that it's at 100% and everything.

3) Use cardstock. If you don't have cardstock, you can use normal paper but it wont be as strong.

4) Print it out!

5) Using sharp scissors (ask a grown up to help you with this part!) cut out the squirrel's body, tail, and ears. Don't cut where there is a dash-line - that's where you need to fold!

6) The pieces that are mirror-images of each other (ears and tail) need to be glued together.

7) On the squirrel, make sure that the lines on the head and bum are cut though - that's where the tail and ears go.

8) Fold all the sides of the squirrel. This will make it much easier when you glue the sides.

9) Using a glue stick, glue the white folds inside the squirrel's body. Hold them in place till they dry (about 30 seconds).

10) Stick the ears into the ear-slots and the tail into the tail-slot and VOILA! You have a very happy squirrel to sit on your desk! Enjoy!

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