Hey, remember me? It's The Mayor!

Hi everybody! (Hi Dr. Nick) It has definitely been a while since I rapped at you last (2 weeks! That's like 2 years in the blogosphere). Anyways, the reason for my absence was a lot of things. I was on vacation, I didn't have wifi, I came home with a burn, I didn't want to write about the burn, getting back into work was tough (try going from running an office one minute to doing jack shit the next then going right back in to running an office. It's not easy. Especially with a peeling sunburn). Anyways, I have time now so I'm going to cover a few things for you now!

1. While I was in Florida, I didn't do much; I swam a lot and tanned a lot and slept. It was just what I wanted my vacation to be. I went shopping a bit, but for the most part I just relaxed and ate cookies and looked for shells. With that being said, I have a lot less Skip-raid material to work with than last year, but don't get it twisted: I still have some good Skip-raid material to work with. Sometime this weekend I'll be doing a post (with pictures!) on the subject you all seem to like the best: AMERICAN FOOD. You know it! While I was in the US of Weight (TURBOPUN) I took a lot of pictures of American food, snacks, drinks, gums, candy, etc etc etc. All of it deliciously gross and over the top.

Panda-wich? More like Panda-monium! Could they not have panda-monium? So yeah, expect that soon-ish.

2. I have been in a glass case of emotions since I found out that NBC has put Parks and Recreation on hiatus when they return to new episodes in the fall. You all have no idea how this has affected me. I hate knowing that tonight will be the last new episode I see for a while. Goodnight Leslie Knope. Goodnight Ron Swanson/Duke Silver. Goodnight Tom and your buggy eyes. Please don't leave me with nothing more than this poster of the Pawnee Parks Department's Most Wanted Pests List:

3. ANTM. Where do I start....hmmm...

Look, we all knew from Week 3 that it was going to be Krista, right? I was at least hoping for a Krista/Angelea Street Fighter-style showdown, but Tyra and ALT robbed me of such a thing, so we were left with Krista and Raina. I know. In other news, how much does Krista look like a 1930s tramp in that picture above? I know, right?

"Just one more state, just one more. I know I can't be riding these rails much longer! There's gotta be work in Missurrah, I just know it! The old grey mare...she ain't what she used to be!"

Anyways, Krista won (yay!) and I predict she *might* get work.

Teyona's shanking Krista some serious cut-eye for life with that one. So yeah, those are my thoughts. I ended up missing a couple of ANTM episodes, then all of a sudden, they did one of those 4-models-down-to-1 episodes where they cut 3 girls and crown one the K-Mart Special in 60 minutes. There you have it! We have 14 top models now, which means the US unemployment rate just skyrocketed a little. Tear...GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!


casu marzu said...

Dear Mayor, any comment on those 2012 Olympic mascots?wootro

casu marzu said...

oops, woorto was the word verification in the wrong place.