New Jelly Belly flavour? Habmursaaaay!

Picture courtesy of The AV Club.

Okay, so this week I was reading The AV Club's annual post about The Sweets & Snacks Expo (previously named the All Candy Expo) and I got really excited to see that Jelly Belly will FINALLY be releasing a new flavour! Remember way back in September 2007 when I asked (nay, begged!) for a new flavour or two? Well, looks like someone at Jelly Belly finally took 10 minutes from filming clips for Unwrapped to think up a new flavour and it is....


Yeah, okay...that's a little boring, but it works. I mean, would I want to eat a whole bag of honey flavoured jelly beans? Probably not, but I wouldn't spit it out if I got it in an assorted bag. Anyways, it got me to thinking about jelly bean flavours again, so here are some more ideas.

And yes, it's clearly a very very slow week.

To me, the fruit flavours are what keep the Jelly Belly brand in business. Sure, there's a certain fun that comes with wacky flavours like pudding and buttered popcorn, but the majority of beans in the bag are fruits. And it seems like they have done every single flavour; hell, they have just about every berry and citrus. But they are missing two: green grapes, lime. They have tons of lime-flavoured beans (mojito, lemon lime, etc) but no straight-up lime. And green grapes are delicious, but why do they call them white grapes in the US? I never understood that.

The candy flavours don't seem to really make it in there because, lets face it, if you want something Snickers-flavoured, you'll buy a Snickers. But some flavours go really well and aren't necessarily candy bars themselves: dark chocolate mint, chocolate caramel, cookies and cream. I feel like all of these could be really good (especially that chocolate caramel one). Make it pls.

I couldn't classify these that well (not candy, not fruit) so I guess they fall into the same category as Peanut Butter (ie. Stuff that really shouldn't be made into a gelatinous bean). Maybe I should have named this category WEIRD ONES, but that is a naming convention better left for beans flavoured like boogers and poo. Here are one I thought of: sweet cream (creamy but not vanilla. Maybe like a buttercream?), rosewater, cream cheese (gross?), baked brie (okay, this could be delicious. It would be creamy and cheesy and a bit buttery and pastry-like. Ew, maybe I just want to bake a brie when I go home), sweet tea (black tea with honey and milk), vanilla-mint (too toothpaste-y?), chocolate milk, ice cream sandwich (I guess that's sort of like the cookies and cream one), custard (vanilla pudding?), red bean paste. And I know I mentioned before but WHY CAN'T THEY MAKE A RED LICORICE FLAVOURED BEAN?! It can't be hard.

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