Some cute things that I like right now

These were the two dogs that went up in space with Sputnik 5. Aren't they cute? I'd like to space-hug them.

This is a letterpress card maker on Etsy who made a cute smiley lightbulb card. I'm not linking to her site, because the rest are pretty snore-snore :(

Isn't he dapper?

Oooooof! I'd like to hug both of them!!!!

I'm going to make these for my house-warming party in September. I'd like to have some ice cream cone balloons for my house. Then when they start to deflate, we can suck all the helium out!

This is a paper toy that, when made, turns into this:

Go to cartoonnetwork.com to download all three. You can enlarge the picture above and print it out and make your own. Why not?

I'd like to let this dog lick my face.

I want one of these very badly for my desk. It runs on the suns.

I wonder what he's wishing for (I bet it's a fish!)

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