Drawings and a Paper Toy!

Last week we had a contest at work wherein the winner would receive a delicious dozen of mini cupcakes baked by yours truly.

They were obviously very very good - are you looking at those gumdrops? They were hand-picked from the classiest of Bulk Barns. Note: The employees of Bulk Barn will shank you with their eyes if they catch you hand-picking specific colours of candy from their bins. Apparently, the "scoop is there for a reason". I also decided to make a cute little card for the top of the container, just to jazz it up a little. Here it is:

Awwww, two little kitties sharing a stack of cupcakes. Adorbs. Then it made me want to draw something else. In the comments, one reader mentioned that their cat will do anything for donuts. A cat who likes donuts? I wanna meet that cat! But until then, I'll have to settle for drawing that cat instead:

I would think that a cat could juggle donut holes if they really put their mind to it. Plus, that cat and I have a lot in common; we both like glazed donuts with sprinkles.

I also wanted to draw my favourite thing from this week: seeing dogs chase butterflies! Isn't that cute? I love how out of control they get - I mean, it's just a butterfly.

Its a Shiba Inu; I like the way their tails go.

I was also working on a paper toy mobile this week that I think turned out pretty cute. They started out as cats, but now look a little more like cute sasquatches. Note: I was trying to describe a sasquatch to a co-worker and I couldn't remember the name (all I could think of was Yeti) so I did the mid-walk pose and went "this thing. I'm making this thing". Thank god he understood that I was doing this. So yeah, it's super easy to put together: just click on the picture to make it bigger, then print it out. It's formatted to a standard size 8.5x11 and I suggest you use card stock or a heavier weight paper when you're printing it out. I made one for a friend for her birthday and hung it over her desk. Imagine doing a bunch of these? Critter Castle!

Anyways, that's all! I just wanted to share some drawings and stuff with you.


carmel dias said...

i want cupcakes with cute drawing!!!!!!!

Alice said...

Cute! I'm going to make a mobile for my baby!