Halloween! And I'm back! And you'll have to wait till Monday for any kind of a decent update :(

Okay! So here it is! I'm back from vacation, and I have tons and tons of pictures and stories, but none right now. You see, I have been transient-living for the past week and haven't had time to sort through everything. Here is what you will have to look forward to come Monday:
- a post about Disney World
- a post about Universal Studios
- a post about the Gross People of Orlando, Florida
- and a terrific story about an absolutely ridiculous timeshare presentation I took

Oh! And it's Halloween this weekend!! My favourite holiday of the year. Of course I will be dressing up, and this year it's going to be (probably) the best costume I have thought of. Last year I went with a 'sexy' costume and went as Peggy Bundy (FAIL! Everyone went as Peggy Bundy) so this year I'm going to throw a "Big deal, who cares?" to the wind and going as....
Jesse Pinkman! Yes, Jesse Pinkman; everyone's favourite high school dropout-turned-drug dealer-turned-meth cooker-turned-thorn in Walter White's side. Also, so that the costume isn't lost, my boyfriend will be going as Walter White. I think I may even post pictures of our costume since I will be rendered completely unlike myself (as I don't often dress like a mid-20s drug dealer from New Mexico). Anyways, have fun this weekend! Cross my fingers that I don't get busted for selling meth this weekend :(


postzoom said...
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Alice said...

Ooooh you can be a professional blogger type now.

Welcome back! I went as Alice in Wonderland this year (I made my own costume because I didn't want to look like a slutty Alice) and I dressed my baby up as a white rabbit (with waistcoat!) Matchy and Cute! (or lame, depending on how you look at it)

red rain said...
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