The last Cathy ever!

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Welp, we all called it! Cathy is procreating (EPIC SHUDDER) and her mother could not be happier. Sidebar: why have we never noticed that Cathy's mother bears a striking resemblance to Mother Bates from Psycho? Whatever, the long and short of it is that now we have NO MORE CATHY!!!!! Who will take the coveted spot on the front of the newspaper where we once had a whiny, disgusting slob? Knowing my personal hell, they will probably just double up on Garfield; turn Garfield into a graphic novel of sorts. Anyways, I think the comments from the final Cathy were some of the best material all weekend. Gems like:

"Don’t like this ending at all. Always loved Cathy before she married Irving. He’s such an idiot. I was hoping for a divorce not a baby."

Ahahahaha, exactly. Oh well, with this ending, it's very easy to predict Cathy's future:

Separated at birth, or the same person? You make the call.


Alice said...

Maybe they'll double up on Marmaduke - the world needs more Marmaduke (kidding, it really doesn't). Did you hear they're making a Marmaduke movie? Can anyone make movies about anything now?

I had a cat once that LOVED donuts and would eat through your clothes to get at a donut. Can I make a movie about it and make millions? (Okay thousands)

casu marzu said...

The thought of Cathy and Irving having sex makes me want to hurl.

The Mayor said...

1. The Marmaduke movie already happened. Exactly - it was so terrible, nobody noticed when it was farted into theatres. Marmaduke was voiced by Owen Wilson.

2. I want to draw a picture of that cat.

alex davey said...