Best of 2010: Websites

Well, it's officially the end of 2010, and I wanted to wrap everything up with my favourite websites, blogs, et al. After all, I spend most of my time surfing the world wide web to connect myself to the internet super highway. It's the tops. Anyways, here are my 10 favourite time killers on the WWW.

12. Emails from an Asshole
My only gripe is that the guy who writes this blog is that he doesn't update it enough (but if you read his FAQs, you'll understand that it is very difficult to find people dumb enough to keep emailing back and forth. Most people just don't even reply...ha! See what I did there? Mentioning the web address? Mmm hmm). One of my favourites is still Fake Invoice. Very enjoyable.

11. Design Sponge
I am not into home decorating. I do not give a crap about $800 light fixtures and Frank Gehry chairs and Charles Eames. My house is filled with second-hand end-tables, thrift shop dishes, towels from the 60s, and books that smell like mildew. All my cookware is scratched and used up. The walls are white and the floor is wood. There are pictures of Jesus everywhere. My favourite thing is a cuckoo clock that doesn't tell time and the bird doesn't come out. However, I really really enjoy Design Sponge. There is something very unpretentious about it. It gives you little ways to spruce up your house or cute ways to set a table, and sometimes they offer really good sewing tutorials. Not to mention that they update about 5 times a day, so there is no way to get bored.

10. FourFour
Obviously Rich is the best. I should be so lucky if I ever have kids that one of them turns out like Rich (or Winston).

9. The A.V. Club
I only read it for the TV reviews, and sometimes the film reviews (but usually not the film reviews because Nathan Rabin is a DOINK).

8. So So Fly Nails

7. Cracked
Not as solid as it was back then (like 1 to 2 years ago) but still pretty decent articles. The best now is the Cracked Reader Photoshops, which are always amazing.

6. STFU Parents
I hate people with kids who feel like their kids are the best. THEY'RE NOT. Someone has to give birth to the deadbeats who do burnouts in the parking lot at Dairy Queen (Me, I hope!!!!!)

5. White Lightening
Fashion blogs are LAAAAME. Except for Tavi and except for PS I Made This (which is only good because the stuff she makes is just HORRENDOUSLY BAD). But I really like White Lightening, which I found through the best best BEST IN THE WEST Lesley Arfin. All her fashiony things are actually interesting and not that typical. Also when she wanted the Isabel Toledo for Payless shoes, I also wanted them and I bought them and then she bought them and I was like MINDGAMES MUCH?!?!?

4. Crazy Days and Nights
Conundrum time! I don't love tabloidy-celebrity-gossipy blogs, but I really love Crazy Days and Nights. He's an entertainment lawyer, so he gets all these Blind Items, and then twice a year he reveals them. Why do I care about this stuff?!?! Oh yeah, cause everyone loves gossip.

3. The Life and Times of Sarah Gall
This blog KILLS ME!!! It's totally like you know that one day you're going to find her on A&E's Intervention. Also, she's super candid about her drug use (aka smoking waaaaaaay too much weed) but also uses her real name, real town, and talks about her job too much. Someone NEEDS to get homegirl to Blogger Camp or something, because she is breaking tons and tons of internet rules.
1. Don't ever use your full name unless you are major internet famous and you don't give a fudge. Same goes for pictures of your face.
2. Don't talk about relapsing and smoking poppers in the same post that you talk about your new job at a daycare.
Anyways, in general, it's pretty funny to read. I mean, not the parts about her battles with drugs and depression; more like the parts where she tries to be really deep and comes across like a stoned Confucius.

2. Candy Blog
No blog keeps me in such amazement and wonder like Candy Blog. First of all, how basic is that name? I'm pretty sure the person who writes it might be an alien who landed on Earth and still has yet to grasp our speech patterns. THIS. IS. CANDY. BLOG. Secondly, they (He? She?) buys EVERY DAMN CANDY AND CHOCOLATE out there and reviews it with such painstaking precision, you'd swear it was Willy Wonka himself. And lastly, I am a food hungy maniac and I love candy, so this is porno for me. XXX RATED CARAMELS.

1. Dlisted
AWWWW JEAH, TAKE IT TO THE HOUSE. For the 3rd year in a row (...sort of. I didn't do a year-end round-up last year because I was laaazeeee) Michael K and his website Dlisted is my favourite time-waster for life!

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