Questions about Canada

Hey everyone! After I made a post about Peeps, my inbox was flooded (that seems like a poor choice of words) with emails from total strangers (aka American Readers) asking if they could send me Peeps. Hells yes!!! I'm not going to look a Peep-horse in the mouth (what?). But one thing that kept happening over and over again is that they would ask questions about Canada, and then in turn I would ask questions about 'Merica, and round and round we go. And I thought "why the hell don't I do a post about what Americans want to know about Canada?" Durr, amirite? You don't want to read about texting 9-1-1 (ahaha, yes you do, admit it). So here we go! What I need from you is this:
Send me your questions about Canada. I will answer them all and publish them to this blog. Any question. I have been alive for almost 3 decades (SHUDDER. After writing this, I think a good crumpled-in-the-shower crying jag is deserved) so I know a lot about Canada. Also I live in Toronto which, buy nature, makes me a fucking know-it-all about my country (this is why the rest of Canada hates Toronto). So go ahead! Any question! No question is too stupid (actually, those are usually the best. Keep those ones coming). And in the meantime, I'm going to go back into my email archives and see if I can't find more. I guess you could say this is an "I Have Questions" post, but starring you (and a very lazy Me).

So yeah. Email skipraid@gmail.com and ask away. Or, forward this to your dumbest American friend and make my day.

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